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Sterilisation surgery for women
Fertility Gynaecology 

This area of my specialty can be incredibly challenging and emotive.

Performing surgical sterilisation for patients not desiring children seems – and mostly is – quite a straightforward process. But for some patients it is more challenging where there are concerns that the patient has a high risk of ‘regret’.

It is so critically important that where a practitioner feels they can’t perform the surgery they communicate this clearly and compassionately.

This story, “Coralie wants to be sterilised, but doctors won’t allow it” was aired by the ABC on 20 September 2021. In the story I talk about the challenges faced by doctors when presented with such a request and the need for compassion for the patient. You can view the story at the link below.

Coralie wants to be sterilised, but doctors won’t allow it

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